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How to Get rid of Writer's Block



How to avoid it the next time around

   There are some days when my words flow into an amazing blog post and during that I get other ideas springing from that article.

    Other times I feel stuck and unsure which must be what you must be feeling to land here. Just like me, you must hate the frustration and anxiety that comes with it as well. 

    Here you and I will be blocking that writer’s block instead. Let’s cure it. Now I could ramble on and you still don’t understand what writer's block is.


 Writer’s block is when a writer’s creative process slows down. Therefore they are unable to produce new ideas or compositions. Having this happen, the person usually becomes frustrated or angry while trying to find inspiration. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?



  •  Procrastination

  • Having deadlines

  • Distractions

  • Not interested/invested in work in progress

  • Tired/mentally exhausted


 You are most likely here because you don’t know what to do because you’ve become lazy so you are probably looking at the screen as if it is very bland and boring. 

    Do not feel guilty though because I’ve done all of these things. You have multiple ways to get to the place that you want to be. Let’s take note.

 My Fifteen Ways to cure Writer’s Block

  1. How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

      Look For A Muse

   What is this muse I speak about? A muse is usually the person who inspires you to do a productive piece. How to find this muse. My muse is usually something off of I do not take the ideas but I look at other people's creativity and small business. It makes me motivated to create a story that no one really thought about.

   I also watch some of my favorite movies or series or read some of my favorite books. Whatever I need to do to build a character in my story or the plot in my story to make it thick, to make it set in stone. Seeing other’s creativity will make you excited to do something.

2.How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

    Back To the Beginning

  Of course if number one didn’t work for you. You need to resurface the ideas you first got or the feelings you had. Back to the notes, I don’t expect everyone to brainstorm their story so if you aren't lucky for you I have another way.

   Go back to the story! Bask in the story’s glory. Reading it will make you want to continue it especially if you left it on a cliffhanger. Let that be your muse. Some of us do not like to revise but as a writer, Revision is the most important part of your job, actually, it is the whole point. Revise all the little details that made you excited.

3.How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block


  Usually, this is what I do before I get into the task because I know two days later I will lose all the ideas that I had.  You can still continue to further your story. When you write your story you always want it to be unique so people can look back and say this person thought ideas never thought before. How brilliant! 

   I usually sit by my window with a nice little blue composition book and a nice little Pentel R.S.V.P pen. I sit and I draw a little cloud and in the middle, I write the title then I start to form webs and connect it to a big picture. Like when you watch a movie and they have a murder board connecting with red strings, it becomes one big story. You could do it another way but it has to be you connecting more ideas to give you the moral of the story. 


3.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Snap Out Of It

This is a case where you decide that you will write yourself out of your dilemma. Your writing will create a kickstart in your writing flow. It however is one of the hardest options because it requires no distractions, not too much focus, and definitely no procrastination. It requires a great deal of discipline which is exactly why I don’t do it but I’ve been in cases where it worked. 

4.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Take a break

   The project stresses you out, you take a break to see what you really want. This option is totally different from finding inspiration. In this case, the inspiration comes to you when you least expect it. Sometimes your brain wants a break from whatever you invest your time in so take a different scenery, like a walk in the park or making a little picnic in your backyard. Something for you to get in touch with reality versus your character’s feelings and where to take them. 

5.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Revisit The Crime Scene

Not a literal crime scene…. The place where you first got that idea. The place your thoughts took life and meaning. Being in that moment can give you deja vu of what you were feeling. Writer’s Block is not just about finding the words to write, it is also mental. Your focus can be too strong or too weak. Now it is time for you to revisit the time you decided that your character's eye should be a lovely gray.  Persons might not have their seat of inspiration but something in that particular moment can be related to your story.

6.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Make a Deadline

If you have a project at school or a meeting at work. You would not want to be late for that. A deadline is usually what causes my writer’s block because I see so much before me but with such little time and then I become confused, so I procrastinate. It is not what I want but it happens. I like to be organized so I set times when I should take a break, what days are made specifically for improving blog seo or blog posts research. Other times I am writing my stories or my rants. Other times I am doing blog graphics. If I tried to do everything in one hour I would eventually want to give up and relax. In being organized I make deadlines, it is how I manage time.

7.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Focus on One Thing

Juggling a lot of things at one time becomes overwhelming. The multiple things on your plate will stop you from thinking of new ideas. If you want to write, make it a priority.

8.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Another Art Form

Creativity comes in all different varieties just like people and the cultures around the world. Blooming a character could also mean that you could draw what you want this character to look like. Trying another way of being creative whether writing a song or a haiku. Expression is what you need to continue your work in progress.

9.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Listen to Music

Music often relates to our being and in order to really find inspiration, you make a new writing playlist. You change it up. Songs are stories we didn’t know we could sing so hearing another person’s perspective can drive your emotions for a scene, or a setting in that particular story. Songs can really affect our emotions which will help you in simulating real-life emotions onto your protagonist or antagonist characteristics or qualities.

10.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Tell A Tale

Record yourself talking about anything. It will release all those paused thoughts you should be having. Telling a tale you use a narrative perspective, you continue speaking until you are encouraged to write.

11.How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Clear your Mind

This is a little similar to taking a break. Instead, you will do physical activities like meditation, yoga, or exercise. These activities are proven by scientists, to help with having a greater supply of dopamine. This means you will become happier or excited. Exercise is the way to go.

12.How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block


What does the puzzle have to do with writing? Doing puzzles helps me to relax. I sometimes take up my Grandma’s puzzle book and I sit there for hours without realizing that I have been trying to look for words all evening. It can be really frustrating when you don’t find the words but when you do it is wholesome. Doing puzzles makes you realize you do not have to rush things to get it done. Some things just require more focus.

13.How To Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Noise Reduction

Being around too much noise can help you to not be focused and you should pay attention to that noise instead of your work in progress. So find a place, it could be anywhere, a garage, on the porch, in your room, staircase, as long as it is quiet.

14.How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Do not edit while writing

Writer’s sometimes hate having to go back through their first draft so what do they do? They edit while writing but what does that do? It slows you down making you unable to flow. In order to flow you have to keep writing n matter what mistakes have been made and then you revise.

15. How to Get rid of Writer’s Block

Leave it

Leaving it is not great but sometimes we start thinking that we didn’t really see where it was going from day one so we try to keep up by trying to not be a failure but it is not a failure if you didn’t try everything you could possibly do. Leave it because after a while some new ideas come or they don’t. Do a new work in progress by working on it with these tips below.

Avoiding Writer’s Block

Now that list I gave above is effective and all but it won’t work if you do not at least try these before writing. Now staring at a blank page can be a real hassle. You think you have an idea until you stare at that white cursor blinking on and off.

   Now, this is why the first tip is important.

1.Avoiding Writer’s Block

Craft Outline

Before writing you need to think about the speech you want to give. The message you want to spread. It is quite simple. Do you want to speak in the first, second, or third person? What do you want the opening scene to be? What emotion do you want to give off? Do you want it to be exciting, sad, or mysterious? Think about the place you want to start, is it in a fictional place or a real place. What type of day is it? Rainy? Sunny? Think about the things you would want to be informed of when reading a novel.

2.Avoiding Writer’s Block


See how other people arrive at the beginning of their story. Read other books for that inspiration as well and see how other movies begin. Not to imitate but to have an idea of what to do. You are never too experienced. People can always learn even if they are best-selling authors.

3.Avoiding Writer’s Block


I like to write a description of the story before actually starting it. It doesn’t have to be the final official description but it jumpstarts some new ideas while I write. It’s like being at the end before you’ve begun so making a summary of your story will definitely help you strive in writing the story.

Connecting The Dots

It also helps when I write out the different characters and what I want them to look like. Their qualities, family members, quirks, personality, and distinction. I like to also tell what they will start out by doing later on in the story. Like the mystery I am writing right now, I can tell who is the killer, the persons I think should die. It isn’t official but when you write, you are building a whole town or village.

    Everybody has their lies and secrets. Everybody has their goals and dreams which is how you build the story by not just focusing on the main character but also how life goes about in their city town. Make it about everything around them and how they interact with it and how their surroundings interact with them.

Thanks for making it this far. We will meet again in my next blog post.


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